Casual wear ethically crafted

Veggycare advocates for a fresh mindset that upholds the well-being and respect for all beings — be they humans, animals, rejecting harm or exploitation.

Promoting awareness

Elevating consciousness initiates change, and what more stylish way to cultivate the movement than by adorning it?

Together, let's gently sow the seeds of awareness for plant-based and ethical fashion, preserving our precious planet.

  • Exceptional Quality, Environmentally Friendly Materials

    Our dedication is to provide the utmost in quality garments. Meticulous attention to detail is our pride. Whether it's a tee or a hoodie, your shopping experience should epitomize top-notch quality. We aspire to offer clothing that transcends seasons—garments designed for a lifetime.

  • Ethically Crafted & Socially Responsible

    We guarantee the utmost respect for both our clothing and the individuals crafting them. Our commitment involves using garments that adhere to rigorous ethical standards, verified by certifications like Fair Wear or WRAP.
    This ensures not just a stylish appearance but also a profound sense of well-being, as you support:

    ✔ No involvement of child labor
    ✔ No tolerance for forced labor
    ✔ Ensuring safe and healthy working conditions

  • Thoughtful Designs

    In the diverse world of fashion, our daily attire is a canvas for self-expression. We delight in connecting with individuals, embracing the joyous opportunity for meaningful conversations. This lively exchange is reflected in our streetwear designs, each thread delicately weaving essential dialogues into the fabric of style.

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Every item we offer embodies our unwavering commitment to advocating for safe, humane, and ethical manufacturing practices. We prioritize the use of eco-conscious, organic, or plant-based materials whenever viable. Our entire collection is expertly printed in the USA, utilizing eco-friendly water-based inks. Each fit and style is a testament to timelessness and ethical craftsmanship.